Getting a Survey Done

This publication provides information on the administrative requirements and procedures for surveys on Canada Lands. It is intended to assist government departments and First Nations administering Canada Lands, entities or persons requiring a survey and Canada Lands Surveyors.

Except when otherwise stated, the term ‘survey’ is used in this publication to refer to cadastral surveying, the professional land surveying activities undertaken by a Canada Lands Surveyor to legally define the boundaries of one or more parcels of land, often so that interests and rights in those lands can be transferred from one entity to another.

Getting a Survey Done

The publication Getting a Survey Done does not include the technical standards that must be followed by professional Canada Lands Surveyors. Those are published in the National Standards for the Survey of Canada Lands.


The Surveyor General Branch (SGB) will monitor changes in administrative frameworks in the Government of Canada and the territorial governments to ensure that Getting a Survey Done remains current and relevant. When required, an Addendum to the current version of this publication will be published on this web site. All Addenda will eventually be integrated into the following version of Getting a Survey Done.

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