CLSS Map Browser

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The CLSS Map Browser allows users to browse the Canada Lands Survey System (CLSS) cadastral data to search and visualize related survey parcels and plans maintained by the Surveyor General Branch (SGB). Users can navigate within the map using a mouse or keyboard and query the data using attribute searches.

User Guide

Please refer to the CLSS Map Browser user guide (PDF, 2.47 MB) for more information on the application.

See our placemat to help choose the right tool.

Note to Keyboard Users

The map can be operated using the keyboard by tabbing to the map control and placing focus. The navigation keys are as follows:

  • "+": zoom in
  • "-": zoom out
  • Arrow keys: pan

Browser Requirements

The CLSS Map Browser is designed to work in various web browsers and no plugins are required to access the application. However, other data accessible through the browser, such as survey plans, require the use of third party applications to view the plan images.

  • JavaScript must be enabled