National Standards for the Survey of Canada Lands

This document provides professional Canada Lands Surveyors with the technical standards that apply to surveys undertaken on Canada Lands and for lands required to be surveyed under provisions of the Canada Lands Surveys Act. It constitutes the instructions of the Surveyor General for surveys of Canada Lands as specified in Section 24 (2) of the Canada Lands Surveys Act.

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Information on the administrative requirements and procedures for surveys on Canada Lands is provided in Getting a Survey Done, a publication intended to assist those administering Canada Lands, including federal and territorial government departments and Aboriginal governments. It provides guidelines for arranging for surveys on Canada Lands and refers to the legislation that governs those surveys. Canada Lands Surveyors will also find that Getting a Survey Done contains invaluable information to support client consultation and help navigate the Canada Lands Surveys System.

Regional Chapters

Regional Chapters published by SGB are official statements on administrative procedures and regional technical standards to support the National Standards for specific local requirements. Unless otherwise specified, they are not meant to overlap or conflict with the National Standards, and they shall be effective on the date of their approbation.

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Interdepartmental and Intergovernmental Agreements made with the Department of Natural Resources (NRCan), through the Surveyor General, in the area of land surveys and land management.

Latest Updates

A chronological listing of updates, amendments and announcements

Historical Publications

Historical general instructions of the Surveyor General.

How to propose changes to the National Standards

In order to ensure timely updates, corrections and amendments to the National Standards for the Survey of Canada Lands, herein referred to as the "Standards", the Surveyor General Branch (SGB) and the Association of Canada Lands Surveyors (ACLS) have agreed on a maintenance process. For the most part, the maintenance of the Standards will be done in collaboration with the ACLS Standards of Practice Committee (SOPC).

Changes to the Standards may be proposed by individual ACLS members, Regional Groups, Client Departments or agencies and specific Working Groups.

Proposed changes may be submitted to SGB on a Proposition for changes to the National Standards form. Received proposals will be forwarded to SOPC for the assignment to a work group for assessment, possible wordsmithing and making recommendations to be conveyed to SGB by the SOPC. When approved by the Surveyor General, Addendums to the Standards will be published on this web site. Addendums will eventually be integrated into future versions of the Standards, and be archived under Historical Publications.